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About Me, Caroline de Smit

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Briefly about me, my name is Caroline de Smit, pronounced “Carolien”. I graduated in 2006 from the HBO course in Nutrition and Dietetics. After that I started my career as a clinical and outpatient dietician at the Medisch Centrum Haaglanden and later worked as a dietician at home care organization Marente. In 2012 I took the step towards self-employment and started my own dietician practice.

My approach to nutrition and exercise is based on taking into account one’s personal circumstances (taste preference, background) and I believe that a healthier lifestyle is achievable for everyone.

To better understand the psychological aspects of eating behavior, I have studied this. In addition, I regularly attend refresher courses and additional courses to keep up to date with the latest scientific findings in the field of nutrition and health.

My specialties are; overweight and obesity, picky eaters (children), malnutrition, Parkinson’s disease, lactose intolerance, cow’s milk allergy, COPD, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, stomach and intestinal problems and the treatment of IBS with the FODMAP diet.

I also help many children and the elderly.


I have followed the following refresher and refresher courses;

  • Stomach and intestinal problems
  • Nutrition and Diabetes
  • Infant nutrition and pediatric dietetics
  • Motivational interviewing for dietitians
  • Binge eating urge
  • Direct accessibility dietetics
  • Dietitian in the exercise regimen
  • FODMAP (diet for irritable bowel syndrome)


A dietician has followed the four-year HBO course in “Nutrition and Dietetics”. The title dietician is legally protected. My practice is registered with the Paramedics Quality Register (here).